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Somerset Intergroup online news.......The next meeting of Somerset Intergroup at Meadway Hall off B3151. Ham Lane, Compton Dundon TA11 6PQ. Car parking available starting Sunday 12 November 2017 at 2.00p.m....... Doors open at 1.30

News…..The next meeting of Somerset Intergroup at Meadway Hall off B3151. Ham Lane, Compton Dundon TA11 6PQ is Sunday 12th November 2017 at 1.30 for 2.00pm start

Somerset Intergroup of Alcoholics Anonymous 2017

Public Information Officer

Responsible for ensuring that information about the AA message and programme of recovery is conveyed to outside organizations and to maintain an overview of all public areas in which AA works and to support PI work at a local group level.


A health professional coming into contact with alcoholism, will be well aware of its harmful effects on the individual concerned and those around them, particularly the families.  The HLO is responsible for establishing links with health professionals and coordinating all aspects of carrying the message within the healthcare system.  This may include treatment centres and other healthcare providers within the Somerset area.  If you would like to arrange for a presentation or talk please telephone our Service Office 0800 917 7650 and ask for details of the Health Liaison Officer.

Public Information

Public Information is part of our work in “Carrying the message” in this context it is to the general public.  It includes giving free talks to the medical profession, Social Services, police, magistrates, community groups, the clergy, business groups, schools and colleges, trades unions and professional associations.  It must be stressed that these talks are absolutely at no cost to the organization concerned; there is no charge even for 'expenses'. To facilitate this aspect of our work, Somerset Alcoholics Anonymous appoint various liaison officers these are as follows, but please note this is not hierarchical:-


The officer organizes prison visits and the holding of AA meetings for inmates.


This officer is responsible for establishing links with the Probation Service, Police, the Judiciary including Magistrates, and court family liaison services.  AA  co-operates with Probation on the operation of the Probations Services 'chit' system.


This officer engages with management and human resource teams in the understanding of alcoholism and contact with employees who have a drink problem.

By far the best way to get help for a problem drinker is to give them the

AA telephone number: 0800 917 7650

For more information please click here          to contact the Public Information

Team of Somerset Alcoholics Anonymous or phone 0800 917 7650

We never disclose or pass on e-mail addresses to any third party.  

You should receive the requested information within one working day.

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